What type of events do you create?

We can create any live experiences and tailor them to the preferences of our clients. We have seen event sustainability, client retention and satisfaction in our cost-effective experiences as they drive ROI and design a supportable model for events across a variety of markets.


Do we run Social Media campaigns?

No, as we have found live events to be our most effective way to provide our clients with guaranteed results. Live events have also provided us the means to preform long-term acquisition tracking.


Why are our services in demand?

Our unique services create competitive company culture which motivates quality customers and promotes growth for each client. Due to our ability to build lifetime relationships and create a loyal customer base – our clients don’t pay for services like exposure, they invest in our knowledge to drive their ROI.


What clients are building their legacy through our brand?

We have worked with global non-profits (Doctors without Borders), Fortune 500 companies (Xfinity) and leading start-ups in the industry (Pharmacy Whole Sale Club).


Are you hiring?

Yes! Despite the costs of the pandemic, our clients help us to continue in growth. Please contact us in regards to internship and full-time opportunities.

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